Azure grant for The Nature Conservancy will support projects locally and globally

Apr 20, 2017   |   Deborah Bach

Photo of woman and children playing on beach in Puget Sound

Every day, Microsoft donates nearly $2 million in products and services to nonprofits and organizations that are advancing solutions to benefit both people and the planet.

On Thursday, the company furthered those efforts with a new grant to The Nature Conservancy that will enable the organization to do even more to protect the land and water on which life depends. The Azure grant will allow the organization to expand its Natural Solutions Toolkit, a suite of geospatial tools and web apps for climate adaptation and resilience planning across land and sea environments. That will make it easier for communities to build coastal resilience strategies, fight pollution and provide clean water for people around the world.

The grant will also enable The Nature Conservancy to migrate specific programs and projects to Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, including Coastal Resilience, a public-private partnership that helps coastal communities address the devastating effects of climate change and natural disasters.

“Microsoft is proud to support the expansion of The Nature Conservancy’s innovative Natural Solutions Toolkit, which is already powering on-the-ground and in-the-water projects around the world — benefiting coastal communities, residents of the Puget Sound and others globally,” writes Rob Bernard, chief environmental strategist for Microsoft.

Head over to the Microsoft Green Blog to learn more about how the grant will support The Nature Conservancy’s work.

Deborah Bach
Microsoft News Center Staff