For these Microsoft employees, Earth Day is every day

Prashant Gupta rides on a tractor in India
Prashant Gupta rides on a tractor with a farmer in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.

In India, where a multi-year drought has affected more than 300 million people, Prashant Gupta is using technology to help farmers figure out the best times to sow crops. In Spain, Procurement Manager Karen Chalk, struck by the volume of discarded computers and tablets that can be re-used by those in need, has worked to create a successful global e-waste sustainability program. In rainy Ireland, where many think the sun is a stranger, Conor Kelly defies that notion by using solar photovoltaic panels on his own home, and works on smart energy proposals for datacenters. In Seattle, the humming of the hive is music to Krista Conner, whose passion is to improve the pollinators’ health and make it possible for beekeepers to maintain more hives.

All four are among the many Microsoft employees for whom every day is Earth Day. They embody Microsoft’s longstanding commitment to sustainability by leveraging technology and innovation in a variety of ways to tackle environmental challenges more effectively for the benefit of the company, their communities and the planet.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff