DockerCon 2017: Linux containers will run natively on Windows Server with Hyper-V isolation

Tuesday at DockerCon 2017, Microsoft showcased how Linux containers will run natively on Windows Server through Microsoft’s Hyper-V isolation technology. “This will enable developers to build with Windows and IT administrators hosting Windows Server to run any container image regardless of their platform,” writes John Gossman, Microsoft Azure lead architect and Linux Foundation board member.

“When we announced and launched Hyper-V Containers it was because some customers desired additional, hardware-based isolation for multi-tenant workloads, and to support cases where customers may want a different kernel than what the container host is using – for example different versions,” Gossman says. “We are now extending this same Hyper-V isolation technology to deliver Linux containers on Windows Server. This will give the same isolation and management experience for Windows Server Containers and Linux containers on the same host, side by side.”

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff

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