Celebrating Earth Week: How technology can help us thrive in a resource-constrained world

Apr 17, 2017   |   Deborah Bach

In the week leading up to Earth Day on April 22, Microsoft Chief Environmental Strategist Rob Bernard is finding cause for hope.

Though the world faces many resource challenges, Bernard says innovation is also transforming many industries to be more efficient and reduce their environmental impact. Cloud computing and artificial intelligence are helping companies, researchers, consumers and others to better understand and mitigate their impact on the planet. Digital transformation is helping to deploy renewable and off-grid technologies that bring clean, affordable power to more people. Advances in agricultural management are helping to feed a growing population, and new tools are enabling us to better preserve and protect clean water resources.

“By working together, and continuing to develop and deploy revolutionary technological solutions, we can change the story of our planet’s future for the better,” Bernard writes.

Head over to the Microsoft Green Blog to read the full post.

Deborah Bach
Microsoft News Center Staff