Special Olympics gets a tech makeover as it prepares to celebrate its 50th birthday

 |   Susanna Ray

Special Olympics is completely revamping its operations as it prepares to turn 50 next year, rejuvenating itself with the cloud and other technological advances to provide better sports experiences.

One goal is to scrap paper records in favor of the cloud, to help athletes, coaches and fans get instant information, both online and on mobile devices, instead of having to wait hours or even days. That approach will help Special Olympics use data to do more for millions of people, including the 2,600 athletes, 1,100 coaches and 3,000 volunteers who participated in nine winter sports at the games in Austria.

“We have to begin to do things better, and we knew we had to take this massive leap forward,” said Mary Davis, who has worked with Special Olympics since 1978 and was appointed its chief executive officer last year. “We’ve reached 5.3 million athletes and Unified Sports partners from 169 countries, but there are 200 million people with intellectual disability in the world. We realized that one way to reach them faster and provide better quality of service is with the help of technology like the cloud.”

To learn more about how Special Olympics is transforming through technology, visit Microsoft’s Transform blog.

Susanna Ray
Microsoft News Center Staff

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