Advocate Health Care sees improved patient health and millions in savings through move to Office 365

Mar 20, 2017   |   Deborah Bach

As one of Illinois’ largest hospital systems, Advocate Health Care faces considerable challenges in providing a consistently high level of service across its 37,000-associate organization.

The system’s move to Microsoft Office 365 more than five years ago helped it meet those challenges and radically transform its operations, Dennis Giles, director of unified care, writes in a blog post. An economic analysis by research company Forrester found that adopting Office 365 saved Advocate Health Care $53.8 million over three years through information worker productivity gains alone, resulting in a 63 percent three-year, risk-adjusted return on investment.

The system uses Office 365 in numerous ways, Giles writes — for example, Skype for Business Online is used for video calls that facilitate multidisciplinary rounds for intensive care units in hospitals, with a workstation wheeled around so various caregivers can coordinate patient care without traveling between hospitals. And a new pilot program uses Microsoft SharePoint technology to enable nurses to follow up with high-risk patients after they are discharged to monitor and manage their health care.

“We are using Office 365 to raise the standard of care at Advocate Health Care, transforming from a system of hospitals into a true hospital system in which we work collaboratively to positively influence patient health and safety,” Giles writes.

“Having a set of capabilities like Office 365 that helps us support collaboration, foster efficiency and bring insights to life has been essential in getting us to where we are today.”

Head over to Office Blogs to read the full post and access the Forrester study.

Deborah Bach
Microsoft News Center Staff