How Microsoft partner Terawe is fighting illiteracy in the developing world

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Microsoft partner Terawe is actively combating illiteracy in the developing world with their digital education services and learning software. The company’s work is highlighted on the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) blog in honor of the Global Education Partner Summit, Feb. 13-16 in Redmond, Washington, and as an example of using the cloud to serve the global good.

The company’s Chekhov service allows users to write and record dynamic eBooks which help learners develop reading and writing skills, writes the MPN Team. Terawe is working to bring literacy to both children and adults through their partnerships with Microsoft, UNESCO, World Vision and various ministries of education in developing countries such as Kenya, Zambia, Ethiopia, Mexico and Bangladesh.

To learn more, visit the Microsoft Partner Network blog.

Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff

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