New blog series on security for government agencies debuts

Infographic showing Microsoft's Intelligent Security Graph

In a new blog series about security for government agencies, Susie Adams, chief technology officer for Microsoft Federal, notes that the average time between breach and detection in an organization is typically more than 140 days.

That means that an attacker exists within a company’s or agency’s infrastructure – free to gather information or worse – for more than four months before being found, Adams writes. “It’s not that agencies aren’t employing security best practices, but the reality is all the protection in the world can’t stop a determined hacker.”

To help government agencies protect their data from new and emerging security threats, Microsoft has capabilities that can be used in concert with existing security solutions, Adams says.

“Microsoft has a vast cyber footprint. We receive anonymized telemetry from billions of logins, devices and services, on both private and public clouds,” Adams writes. “Combining that with machine learning, behavioral inspection and expert human analysis, we can detect and respond to what looks like anomalous behaviors and incorporate that to prevent a potential threat. This intelligence is built into our products and solutions to give you visibility and insights into potential compromises. Our cybersecurity experts in the Digital Crimes Unit and the Cyber Defense Operations Center monitor all this information to identify real threats. This combination of machine learning and human vigilance equals holistic protection.”

To learn more, read Adams’ post on the Microsoft Enterprise blog.

Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff

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