How a Wisconsin teacher and Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert brings the world to her classroom

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Wisconsin middle school teacher Pernille Ripp recently used Skype for a Q&A with a Canadian Iraqi refugee to give her students a glimpse into the human side of the refugee crisis.

“It was so powerful for them because all of a sudden it wasn’t just ‘those refugees’ that are going through ‘those things, someplace else,’” says Ripp. “It was speaking to someone who had lived it.”

One of the boys asked the woman if wearing a hijab, or headscarf, alters the way she is treated in public. She told him it does, but she has learned to ignore it and not let it affect her. The boy said he had been bullied and appreciated the perspective, saying, “I know what it’s like to be judged right when you walk in a room.”

Learn more about Ripp, a Microsoft Innovator Educator Expert and Skype Master Teacher, on the Microsoft Education blog.

Suzanne Choney

Microsoft News Center Staff

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