Important clients get the attention they deserve with Outlook Customer Manager

 |   Monica Fisher

Business owners know that their success depends on winning and retaining repeat customers. But that can be tricky when there are lots of customers to keep track of, and not enough time in the day. With a new Office 365 service called Outlook Customer Manager, business owners now have a compete view of their interactions with each customer, and can track their tasks and deals in progress.

Now included at no extra cost in the Office 365 Business Premium plan, Outlook Customer Manager is a cloud-powered solution designed just for small businesses, who often struggle to keep up with emails, meeting invites, call logs and Excel spreadsheets – not to mention handwritten notes and conversations with employees and colleagues.

Outlook Customer Manager automatically organizes all of that customer information in a timeline next to the Outlook inbox, so a business owner can spend less time searching for data in various places, and more time building relationship with customers. And the service automatically presents a focused list of the business’ most important customers and deals.

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Monica Fischer
Microsoft News Center Staff

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