‘Nitro Nation’ updates with quicker start-up, easier navigation, new cars and personalized offers

Nov 8, 2016   |   Athima Chansanchai

Two colorful sportscars on a street, with a city skyline in the background

If you can’t get enough of drag racing, “Nitro Nation” is back with a high-octane update that includes a quicker start-up, easier navigation, and overall, a nicer look and feel for those who like to live a quarter-mile at a time.

Also, you can now get prize boxes from the new crew member every 3-8 hours. There are personalized offers, regional leagues for live events, more than 30 new body mods for existing cars, new decals, new sound effects and more.

Download “Nitro Nation” for free from the Windows Store.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff

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