Race off-road in ‘Asphalt Xtreme’ – new spinoff to ‘Asphalt 8’

Nov 3, 2016   |   Athima Chansanchai

Screenshot of a sports car, buggy and monster truck racing on frozen body of water

In “Asphalt Xtreme” – a brand-new spinoff to “Asphalt 8” – racers leave the pavement and head off-road with a vengeance. You’ll find seven categories of vehicle types, 35 vehicles (including monster trucks, muscle cars and pickups) and physics-based gameplay.

To reach the finish line, you’ll rip around dunes, charge through canyons, drift across the mud and fly past your opponents. You can also go “head-to-head online in eight-player simultaneous free-for-alls” in racetracks set all over the world.

Download “Asphalt Xtreme” for free from the Windows Store.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff

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