Jessi Combs drives her fastest speed ever, as fans tune in from around the world

 |   Vanessa Ho

A prize-winning motorsports athlete and all-around beast on wheels, Jessi Combs has tackled brutal rock walls and sand pits in grueling off-road marathons. She has built, driven and raced everything from motorcycles and monster trucks to hot rods and rally cars.

But last week, Combs drove a stunning 477.59 miles per hour — her fastest speed ever — as part of a complex, ambitious goal to become the fastest woman on Earth. Combs drove the North American Eagle, a sleek, powerful, 7-ton race car built from a 1950s fighter jet, on a course in a remote Oregon desert.

“Let this be a testament that girls can do anything they set their minds to, especially with such a knowledgeable and dedicated team supporting them to push those limits,” says Combs of her new personal best.

The milestone was a thrilling showcase of engineering, beginning with the Eagle itself, a 17-year project that transformed a junked, mid-century F-104 Starfighter into an aerodynamic marvel. Innovative engineering by Microsoft also gave fans a live window to the Eagle in afterburner glory, with real-time telemetry of G-force and speed.

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Vanessa Ho
Microsoft News Center Staff

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