Microsoft Azure and Office 365 available from new datacenter regions in UK

Microsoft has taken a significant step to empower businesses to achieve more with both Microsoft Azure and Office 365, now available from new datacenter regions in the United Kingdom, it was announced Wednesday. It’s the first complete cloud offering delivered from a global provider within the U.K.

“Each new region adheres to our Trusted Cloud principles, including security, privacy, compliance and transparency,” writes Takeshi Numoto, Cloud + Enterprise corporate vice president on The Official Microsoft Blog. “These new Microsoft Cloud regions will help businesses in industries such as banking, government, public sector and healthcare meet their customers’ needs, the regulatory requirements they are held to, and the need for local data residency and replication for business continuity.”

Read Numoto’s post on The Official Microsoft Blog, and learn more by visiting the Microsoft Azure Blog and Office Blogs.

Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff

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