Qantas uses Microsoft Cloud to help global workforce improve travel experience and innovation

 |   Susanna Ray

Qantas Airways, one of Australia’s most recognized brands, has charted a new journey in its 95-year history of innovation and customer service by introducing Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based business tools to its workforce.

Employees now are able to collaborate in real time to follow customers through their travel experiences around the globe and share ideas directly with business leaders to boost innovations.

“The challenges of today’s digital world—big data, mobility, connectivity, social media—mean we have to look at doing business differently,” says Qantas Chief Information Officer Luc Hennekens. “Our customers’ expectations for digital interaction are set by the best digital players in the world. So if they feel like it’s a step backward when they engage with Qantas, that’s a problem for us. Airlines have always managed large volumes of data, but today, we need to integrate everything we know to tailor our service to individual customers.”

To learn more about Qantas and Office 365, visit Microsoft Customer Stories.

Susanna Ray
Microsoft News Center Staff