Surface Book and OneNote help high school grad overcome disability and prepare for college

Kody Peralta, an ambitious 18-year old about to start college, says his Surface Book has changed the way he learns. Peralta now has the ability to take handwritten notes, which he couldn’t do on pen and paper because of his transcription disability, known as dysgraphia.

People with dysgraphia have difficulty with handwriting and it can interfere with students’ ability to express themselves. Surface and OneNote together have encouraged Peralta to start taking handwritten notes again because he can write on a much larger scale using Surface Pen and easily scroll in and out to make his sentences legible on ruled lines.

“OneNote is my main go-to product on the Surface – it’s really intuitive and allows me to write, as well as type, instead of skipping back and forth between Apple Pages on my MacBook, and Bamboo Paper on my iPad,” Peralta says in an interview on the Windows Blog. “OneNote’s ability to convert handwriting to text has also encouraged me to write more often!”

Read more of the interview with Peralta on the Windows Blog.

Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff

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