IT administrators: See what’s new in Advanced Threat Analytics v 1.7

The public release of Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) v 1.7 is now available, and it includes several features and improvements, writes Idan Plotnik, director of advanced threat analytics for the Microsoft Cloud + Enterprise Security Division.

Advanced Threat Analytics “focuses on detecting and investigating tactics, techniques and procedures that are commonly used by attackers in their attack campaigns and on abnormal behaviors of entities (users, devices, resources) that indicate insider threats,” Plotnik says. “Additionally, in each ATA release, we keep enhancing our engine to improve detections for known and unknown attacks and catch new attacks. Finally, we also make improvements in the infrastructure and the user experience.”

Head over to the Enterprise Mobility and Security Blog to learn about the new features, updates and enhancements in v 1.7.

Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff

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