How ‘Girl Rising’ and Skype led to a teacher’s transformation

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“Girl Rising,” a documentary about the obstacles facing nine girls as they seek to get an education, is available as part of the Microsoft Educator Community, and it so inspired teacher Elise Higgins-Steele that she shared it with middle school students in her Quincy, Massachusetts, classroom.

She also used Skype to connect students with Kayce Freed Jennings, the film’s producer. “It was an amazing experience,” Higgins-Steele writes on the Skype Social Good blog. “It provided my students with insight into how these stories are only a small window into the 62 million girls they represent.”

The film “made us realize that we are in this together and part of something bigger than us,” she writes. “Failure isn’t an option because too many girls, children don’t even get an opportunity. My students amazed me with the outcomes of their learning. Most importantly, for me, this unit transformed the way I teach because it gave me a deeper perspective for why I teach.”

Read Higgins-Steele’s post on the Skype Social Good blog.

Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff

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