Azure Stack Technical Preview 2 to be publicly released later this year

The Azure Stack Technical Preview 2 started being rolled out to some early adopter customers this week. This begins the process of rolling it out more broadly, and Technical Preview 2 will be publicly released later this year, writes the Microsoft Azure Stack Team in a blog post.

Microsoft Azure Stack is a hybrid cloud platform product that enables your organization to deliver Azure services from your own datacenter. In the same post on the Microsoft Azure Blog, the team shares a video answering customer questions about using an integrated systems hardware strategy as it relates to flexibility, cost and size.

Also, the team says it knows customers want to protect their investments in the turnkey Cloud Platform System (CPS) from Dell, HPE and Nutanix, as well as more general deployments of Windows Azure Pack (WAP).

“We are working on side-by-side integration between CPS/WAP and Azure Stack, which will allow users to seamlessly manage Virtual Machine Manager resources, created in WAP, from within the Azure Stack portal,” the team writes. “In this way customers can use these Azure-consistent cloud solutions now, and leverage those resources in Azure Stack deployments in the future.”

To learn more, visit the Microsoft Azure Blog.

Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff

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