How André Mack found success as an entrepreneur with Mouton Noir Wines

 |   Vanessa Ho

A decade ago, André Hueston Mack stood on a pinnacle in the wine world as head sommelier of Per Se, the renowned haute cuisine restaurant in New York. He had spent years climbing the wine steward cellar in restaurants around the country and was managing an 1,800-selection wine list in one of the most expensive, opulent restaurants in America.

Then he left it all behind. What makes a man leave a top job and plunge into the unknown? What is life like 10 years after facing a fork in the road and choosing the riskier path?

As it turns out, Mack has become a successful winemaker and graphic artist as the founding owner of Mouton Noir Wines, a growing Oregon-based company that makes wine and T-shirts with a distinct hip-hop, wine-subculture vibe.

Empowered by Microsoft tools, Mack is making the fine art of wine appreciation accessible for everyone through craft, humor and an approachable sensibility.

“What’s really fun about this journey I’ve been on is it’s hopefully inspiring other people that the wine world is not a scary place filled with suits and noses pointed in the air,” says Mack.

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Vanessa Ho
Microsoft News Center Staff

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