Developers: Find out how the FamilyNotes app uses Windows 10 facial recognition

FamilyNotes is a sample app that is available on GitHub to use as a basis for other apps. It provides an interface so that people can leave notes for one another on a shared noticeboard space, and facial recognition provides a solution for users to quickly see notes addressed to them.

The initial solution involved a filter that had the app highlight the notes addressed to a specific person. But Windows 10 provides facial recognition to take that up another level.

“Given the proliferation of cameras in devices, it made sense to enable the app to determine when a face was present and then attempt to identify the user based on that image,” the Windows Apps Team writes. “Upon successfully identifying the user in this way, the app could then apply the filter.”

Head over to Building Apps for Windows to get a walkthrough of how developers could do this for their apps.

Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff

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