Ready to `swim with the sharks’: Brazil’s video-streaming Samba Tech expands with new app and U.S. office

 |   Susanna Ray

Gustavo Caetano founded Samba Mobile when he was a 19-year-old undergrad with a new smartphone but not enough games to play on it. A decade later, his Samba Tech endeavor, a Brazilian video streaming company, has surpassed its startup label and outgrown its Latin American boundaries.

On Wednesday the company announced the beta release of a new mobile app, Kast, and Samba Tech’s expansion to the U.S., a move driven in large part by the company’s partnership with Microsoft.

“I was once told that Samba Tech is a shark swimming with little fishes, and we need to swim with the sharks,” Caetano says. “Our desire to swim in deeper waters, where we can make a true impact on the way that people work, is why we are launching Kast in the United States. Our close relationship with Microsoft has been a driving force behind our decision to open our first U.S. sales office in Seattle, just miles from Microsoft’s headquarters.”

For more details about Samba Tech and its expansion, visit the Transform blog.

Susanna Ray
Microsoft News Center Staff

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