Now available on iOS: Kaizala, a Microsoft Garage app, and your hub for tracking business activities and chatting with your teams, partners and customers

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Kaizala, a Microsoft Garage app previously introduced on Android in February, is now on iOS. With it, small and medium-sized business owners can track and manage bills, assign jobs, stay up-to-date on their status and much more – all on the move. You can also use the app to keep all your conversations with your team, external partners and customers in one place, through private or group chats. Staffers can also share their locations with a one-tap action that includes photos.

The app is currently available only in India, but it will be rolled out to other countries soon.

“Working professionals have a lot of challenges, especially not having the time to get everyday tasks around the house done, so we started this company just to fill that gap,” says Sudharamani Vinnakota, who owns and runs HomeSet, a business that takes care of household fix-it jobs such as plumbing, waterproofing, painting and renovating. “Organizing and communication is a big challenge between vendors, between clients and even the staff.”

Vinnakota bought an Android phone just to use Kaizala and she’s already found “great value in it, especially when you’re talking to clients or carpenters, or just to share a location.”

The app’s streamlined chat works well for her needs.

“The chain of communication is very easy to see. It’s not like other chat groups where there is a lot of nonsense and fluff. It’s just business chat, so it’s linear and you can see it at one go and you can pull out whatever information you want and you use it,” Vinnakota says.

Users can start a new chat for each project and/or team to help organize their workflow.

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The team behind Kaizala embraces mobile-only thinking, especially for independent businesses. They responded to the needs of users who wanted to manage business contacts and share a secure collaboration space on the go.

Outside the U.S., cellphones are a must-have and for many small businesses, a more economical alternative to providing costlier devices to their team. And now with the expansion of the app to iOS, even more people have access to these business-friendly tools.

The Garage is the outlet for Microsoft teams around the world to get experimental apps and projects out to the public. Earlier this year, Garage released several apps and updates: SprightlyNews Pro 2.0Hub KeyboardFetch! and Mimicker Alarm.

Download Kaizala from the App Store and Google Play for free and find more projects at the Garage. Also, you can help the Kaizala team by joining their iOS beta program, as well as the insider community for latest updates, feature requests and more.

Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff

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