Businesses can act as their own designers to make fliers, catalogs and more on iOS through Microsoft Garage app Sprightly

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Sprightly, a Microsoft Garage app introduced on Android in February, can help small and medium-size businesses quickly design and create professional-quality digital content on their own — without the need to hire designers. Now, it’s available on iOS, a much requested development that delivers a mobile-only way to make fliers, catalogs, multiple price lists, e-cards and discount coupons.

Business owners and their staff can organize and share product images quickly with their customers. They can take photos, import images, choose from multiple template options, share on WhatsApp and Facebook, and send PDFs to customers. You only have to import your images once into your collections. Once imported, images are easy to access and reuse.

Sprightly now has new templates with a greater variety of colors and styles to help to meet the needs of more users.

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Sprightly embraces mobile-only thinking, especially for independent businesses. The team that created Sprightly responded to the needs of business owners who wanted to create content on the fly and share a secure collaboration space for their teams.

“Every image, every catalog would come from the head office, which would take nearly one month for it to get updated,” says Sanjana Shah, a Fanzart franchise owner based in Hyderabad, India. Fanzart is the country’s largest brand of designer ceiling fans with 30 showrooms. She and her 10-person team have been using the app for about a month. “But now with Sprightly, I’m able to click immediate pictures of all the fans here on display, make a price list, make a catalog of the same and send it across to clients. It’s been a real great problem solver.”

Outside the U.S., cellphones are a must-have and for many small businesses, a more economical alternative to providing costlier devices to their team. With Sprightly, Shah has been able to respond quickly to client requests.

“One incident that I can share where Sprightly was very handy was when I was travelling. I got a call from a client saying she wanted the range of the white fans that we have. I had these pictures in the collection made in Sprightly,” Shah says. “I had to park my vehicle on the side of the road just for three minutes and I was done. I just had to put all of them across, make a price list immediately and send it.”

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The Garage is the outlet for Microsoft teams around the world to get experimental apps and projects out to the public. Earlier this year, Garage released several apps and updates: News Pro 2.0Hub KeyboardFetch!, Mimicker Alarm and Plumbago.

“It has really helped a lot of people who are a little creative and really want to do something with their collection and business,” Shah says.

Download Sprightly from the App Store and from Google Play for free and find more projects at the Garage. Also, you can help the Sprightly team by joining their iOS beta program, as well as the insider community for latest updates, feature requests and more.

Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff

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