Teachers and students traveled millions of Skype miles to learn and celebrate Earth Day

 |   Vanessa Ho

Last month, the Skype Team highlighted traveling virtually via Skype in the Classroom as a way for teachers and students to celebrate Earth Day. Many teachers took up the opportunity and traveled a total of 2.3 Skype miles to help their students learn about conservation and sustainability around the planet. Since the Skype team started tracking virtual miles, the Skype in the Classroom community has traveled 500 million virtual miles.

“We are adding new Skype lessons, virtual field trips, and guest speakers all the time, so if you’re a teacher, get involved and start clocking up your Skype miles!” writes the Skype Team. “If you’re a parent, why not speak to your child’s teacher to tell them how Skype in the Classroom can bring the world into their classroom live!”

Learn more at Skype’s Social Good blog.

Vanessa Ho
Microsoft News Center Staff

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