Latest Indie Game collection includes ‘Need a Hero’ and ‘Out There’

The Indie Game Spotlight shines monthly on a curated collection of dozens of creations from independent developers. Get started with the following titles, then shop for them all in the Windows Store.

Sharpen your knight-in-shining-armor skills in “Need a Hero.” A dragon has kidnapped a damsel and you have to triumph over a slew of matching puzzles to get her back. For a more militarized approach to adventure, build and command your own battle fortress in “REDCON – Strike Commander.” Rockets light up the night sky as your sights are set on bringing down Traitor General and the Krux Rebellion.

“REDCON – Strike Commander”
“REDCON – Strike Commander”

In “Ski Safari 2,” perform snowboard tricks like 360° spins or practice swift, avalanche-evading maneuvers on snowmobiles, motorbikes or even crazier craft. In “Out There,” explore a dark adventure in deep space as you struggle to survive as an astronaut marooned far, far, far from home.

“Out There”
“Out There”

And back on Earth, the world has been overwhelmed by the Shadow Minions in “League of Stickmen” and you must join a secret alliance to face this swelling tide of evil – casting mythic equipment and diving into complex duels and heroic battles to ensure mankind’s survival.

You’ll find these games and much more in the Indie Game Spotlight in the Windows Store.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff

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