Real Madrid’s Marcelo Vieira and Microsoft create opportunities for kids through technology

May 11, 2016   |   Vanessa Ho

Real Madrid defender Marcelo Vieira always remembers the support of his grandfather while growing up in Brazil. Now a star player on a powerhouse team, Vieira is giving back through a new program he started to teach kids digital literacy.

Through a collaboration between the Real Madrid Foundation and Microsoft, the program introduces technology to students at the foundation’s schools, with customized software from Microsoft and educational games like “Minecraft” that make technology fun and engaging.

“My dream is to take this project to all the world’s children, because with technology … the possibilities of any child are endless,” says Vieira, Real Madrid’s vice captain.

The program is tailored to the educational content of the Real Madrid Foundation, which emphasizes the all-around development of children. It launched in three schools last month — in Colombia, Brazil and the United States (Virginia) — with a surprise motivational message from Vieira on Skype.

Eventually, all of the foundation’s schools will use the program, which includes a tool kit in different languages, Microsoft technologies and an encouraging video from Vieira. The program includes activities using Office 365, to which the schools already have free access.

“With technology and programs like YouthSpark, we are complementing the Real Madrid Foundation’s educational program to fight the biggest educational challenge of the 21st century: the lack of digital literacy,” says Orlando Ayala, Microsoft chairman and corporate vice president of Emerging Markets.

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Vanessa Ho
Microsoft News Center Staff

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