Microsoft software engineers find ‘virtually endless’ opportunities and a chance to do something big

 |   Tracy Ith

Christoph Purrer grew up in Austria using Microsoft software but never imagined he’d have a shot at working there. Yimin Wu didn’t even have a computer as young kid, but there was something enticing about studying software engineering when so few young women around her in southern China did. Parth Thayanithy took computer science as a 10th-grader in Canada and was instantly hooked.

They have very different stories, but all three now work at Microsoft, where they revel in being able to work on technology that can make a difference in the daily lives of people worldwide — and do it at a company that has such a wide array of opportunities for software engineers.

“I know every single day when I go home, I can think, ‘Today I did more work to help people share files, access their information on different devices and do other routine things much more easily,’”  Thayanithy says. “It’s an overall feeling that I’m contributing to something that’s important and useful.”

“Microsoft has so many products in different domains, you can easily find a team to fit your experience or the area you want to pursue your career in,” Wu says “That, for me, is a very good thing.”

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Tracy Ith
Microsoft News Center Staff

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