Microsoft joins blockchain-focused Chamber of Digital Commerce

Microsoft has joined the Chamber of Digital Commerce, a new trade association that is focused on the possibilities and potential of distributed ledgers, also known as blockchains.

Last November, Microsoft brought Blockchain as a Service to market with Ethereum, and since then has added more than 40 partners. Recently, the R3 consortium of more than 40 major banks chose Microsoft Blockchain as a Service as their preferred platform to experiment and develop new blockchain-related offerings.

The Digital Chamber “provides a vital and needed voice as regulatory frameworks develop,” writes Marley Gray, Cloud and Enterprise director of BizDev & Strategy, in a blog post. “By bringing together companies at the forefront of the industry to share their experiences and plans, the Digital Chamber will help provide input into important public debates about the uses of distributed ledger technology and how to enable it to flourish while protecting the public.”

To learn more, visit the Microsoft Azure Blog.

Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff

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