Rick Grimes goes 8-bit in all-new mashup ‘The Escapists: The Walking Dead’

May 4, 2016   |   Vanessa Ho

“The Escapists: The Walking Dead” mashes up a throwback, 8-bit world with a zombie phenomenon for a riveting adventure and epic story. You’re Rick Grimes, once again fending off zombie hordes and joined by a band of survivors from the original comic book cast, including Maggie, Hershel, Glenn and Michonne.

From Harrison Memorial Hospital to the Meriwether Correctional Facility, you’ll have to protect the living and escape the dead in this survival game, now available for Windows 10.

Install “The Escapists: The Walking Dead” ($19.99) from the Windows Store. Also, keep up with what’s hot, new and trending in the Windows Store on Twitter and Facebook.

Vanessa Ho
Microsoft News Center Staff

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