2016 Small Business Video Contest winners announced, plus more inspiration for National Small Business Week

Winners of second annual Small Business Video Contest have been announced, based on two-minute videos entrants shared about their small business inspiration and the lessons they learned on the way to becoming their own bosses.

“In looking at the top 10 finalists, I was inspired by stories from several minority-owned business owners, immigrant entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs and veterans who saw a need in their communities and launched a business to meet it,” writes Cindy Bates, vice president of Microsoft US Small and Midsize Business Group, in a blog post.

In another post, Bates notes that on this second day of National Small Business Week, the theme centers on youth and diversity. “One area small businesses often overlook but should be paying closer attention to are the roles youth and diversity play in small business success,” she says. “It is crucial to consider the importance of retaining young and diverse leaders for your small business, allowing them to bring a different dynamic and perspective into the workplace.”

Another important issue during National Small Business Week is cybersecurity, and in a video shared on the blog, you’ll hear from Dovell Bonnett, founder and CEO, Access Smart, and Randy Steinle, vice president at Onsupport. Both talk about the importance of safeguarding your business and how to prevent irreversible damage when it comes to cyber threats and attacks.

To learn more, visit the Microsoft US Small and Midsize Business Blog and check out the Sway presentation devoted to National Small Business Week.

Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff

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