Latest Indie Games showcase includes ‘Hero Sky’ and ‘Chimpact Run’

Every month, the Indie Game Spotlight showcases some of the most innovative titles coming from independent developers. Some favorites in this month’s set includes guild wars, WWI dogfights and Chuck the chimp.

In “Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars,” test your strategy skills with hundreds of heroes as you join your friends in spectacular guild wars against players from around the world. Create your own combination of troops and heroes, build an impenetrable fortress of a village and then fight for supremacy over the Sky World.

“Dogfight Elite”
“Dogfight Elite”

You can find all the thrills of being a WWI flying ace in “Dogfight Elite,” a multiplayer flight simulator. Rise through the ranks, starting with training levels all the way up to full-blown dogfights against enemy planes.

“Chimpact Run”
“Chimpact Run”

Catch up with Chuck the chimp in “Chimpact Run.” In this enchanted jungle, precious gems have turned into fireflies and flown away. Your job is to keep bouncing Chuck through a crisply rendered tropical island world to find and collect bananas, medallions – and, of course, those fugitive gems.

In “The Shape,” you work against the clock, trying to figure out which shape – from a selection of several – correctly solves an equation. You won’t find numbers here. You have to visualize adding and subtracting shapes from forms. And with “Farming Simulator 16,” the agricultural world is yours to control with massive machines and other means of managing a realistic farm in extraordinary detail.

There’s always something new in the Windows Store, and it’s often from this community of indie developers. Check out all the new titles and latest updates there in the Indie Game Spotlight.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff

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