Dynamics fuels Formula One need for speed

 |   jwarnick

Expected: Decisions about materials and design impact the speed of Renault Sport Formula One racing. Unexpected: So do enterprise resource planning tools.

As Christian Pedersen writes on the Microsoft Dynamics blog, he recently talked with Thomas Mayer, chief operating officer of Renault Sport Formula One Team about the role of technology in racing. Mayer explained why Microsoft Dynamics AX, a cloud ERP service built on and for Azure, is a clear fit for some of the world’s fastest cars and his company.

“Dynamics AX is a hosted cloud-based system so I don’t have to worry about infrastructure and can shift my IT resources to do other work– more performance-related work,” Mayer told Pedersen. “This directly correlates with the performance of the car because I spend the money on the car and not IT systems. Combined, it has a very significant impact.”

Visit the Microsoft Dynamics blog to read more about how Microsoft Dynamics AX is helping take Renault Sport Formula One and other organizations to the next level.

Jennifer Warnick
Microsoft News Center