Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition now open for pre-order, plus first-ever experiences now available

Microsoft announced Monday that developer applicants will now start receiving invitations to purchase the Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition – which will begin shipping on March 30 – and that the company is making available to developers a free portfolio of holographic experiences that represent the knowledge and expertise Microsoft teams have acquired over years of working on the holographic platform.

“Today represents a monumental step forward,” wrote Technical Fellow Alex Kipman on the Microsoft Devices Blog. “This is the first step in our journey to consumers. A step focused on our commercial partnerships and on supporting developers, who will help pave the way to consumer availability with amazing and new holographic experiences.”

HoloLens is a Windows 10 device, and the APIs responsible for holographic computing are already available in Windows 10. Starting Monday, developers will have access to documentation, and to the developer community, that will help them create amazing experiences, Kipman added. Developers should go to for guides and detailed tutorials. Additional development tools that include Visual Studio projects and a HoloLens emulator will be released when HoloLens devices start shipping on March 30. The emulator will allow developers to test holographic apps on their PC without a physical HoloLens and comes with a HoloLens development toolset – to help developers who haven’t yet received their devices get started right away.

For more about the HoloLens Development Edition, see Kipman’s blog post. For more on the experiences, see Kudo Tsunoda’s blog post.

Steve Clarke
Microsoft News Center Staff