Microsoft shares path to improved accessibility for Windows 10 and Office 365

 |   jwarnick

Microsoft is on the road to improved accessibility, and as Chief Accessibility Officer Jenny Lay-Flurrie recently shared, the company has established three guiding principles on accessibility: transparency, accountability and inclusion.

With this in mind, Microsoft is sharing progress and plans for accessibility improvements in Windows 10 and Office 365 in two recent blog posts, one on the Microsoft on the Issues Blog and the other on the Office 365 Blog.

Both blog posts detail plans to deliver an experience enabling not just access, but also productivity. With Windows 10, Microsoft will be working to improve commonly used features, browsing and reading experiences on Edge, providing a better screen-reader experience for Windows 10 mail and working on Narrator. With Office 365, the company is focusing on making it simpler to author accessible content, easier to use with screen readers and in high-contrast mode and introducing new tools to benefit people with dyslexia.

For full details on Microsoft’s progress on making Windows 10 and Office 365 more accessible, visit Microsoft on the Issues and the Office 365 Blog.

Jennifer Warnick
Microsoft News Center