Using the cloud to improve health care systems in Latin America

 |   Thomas Kohnstamm

The cloud offers a great opportunity to Latin America and other areas of the world where health care systems have lagged behind in technology investment.

Cloud solutions help providers to leapfrog from traditional records-keeping right to modern IT solutions and, thereby, deliver better care to more people at lower costs.

For example, Colombia’s Health iCloud, powered by Microsoft Azure, is a cloud-based information system connecting health organizations across the country. It allows health systems to share expertise and patient information, and increases access to high-quality care, especially for citizens in rural regions where healthcare resources are limited.

Similarly, the Brazilian health ministry implemented a cloud-based patient record system to improve population health in Rio de Janeiro. More than 1 million patient records were digitized in a matter of months with a Microsoft-based solution called VitaHisCare. Now patients and doctors have 24/7 access to medical records, and the ministry is gathering health data on citizens who weren’t receiving care at all.

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Thomas Kohnstamm
Microsoft News Center Staff