Sway helps Pennsylvania middle school foster collaboration among teachers and students

Feb 17, 2016   |   Vanessa Ho

At Wissahickon Middle School in Ambler, Pennsylvania, digital tools that help create student-centered, project-based learning environments are essential. That’s where Sway comes in, writes Dianne P. Krause, Wissahickon’s instructional technology coach.

“It not only gives teachers and students a new way to create projects and demonstrate learning, it also makes collaboration and communication a snap,” Krause writes in a guest post on the Microsoft in Education Blog. “In just minutes, teachers and students can create a stunning visual presentation with a unique web URL that can be easily shared for viewing and collaborating.”

The school has used Sway to study weather, grammar, poetry and Newton’s Laws of Motions.

Learn more at the Microsoft in Education Blog.

Vanessa Ho
Microsoft News Center Staff