Cookie Calls teaches kids life skills with engaging app, now available for Windows 10

Nov 12, 2015   |   Vanessa Ho

Life lessons are easier to learn when they come from the beloved Cookie Monster. That’s the idea behind Cookie Calls, an engaging app that teaches kids life skills, life lessons and milestones.

In rollicking videos and voice calls, the blue, furry monster talks about important things, from eating healthy foods to exploring nature to exercising. Cortana integration lets kids say, “Cookie, call me!” and feel in charge. Grown-ups can schedule, add and favorite calls.

Install Cookie Calls ($1.99) from the Windows Store. Individual call packs are 99 cents; all call packs are $2.99. Also, keep up with what’s hot, new and trending in the Windows Store on Twitter and Facebook.

Vanessa Ho
Microsoft News Center Staff

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