Use companion app Fallout Pip-Boy to make the most of ‘Fallout 4’ wherever you are – App of the Week

Vault Dwellers of the “Fallout” game universe now have a personal information processor ready to help their portable device interact with “Fallout 4” on their Xbox, PlayStation 4 or PC through the companion app: Fallout Pip-Boy.

And if they’re away from the system, Pip-Boy remembers their status and lets them access their data on the go. That means total integration with “Fallout 4,” checking Stats, Inventory, Map and Radio from the Pip-Boy app. They can also play holotape games from the app, which can be a big help fighting the dangers of the Wasteland.

Download Fallout Pip-Boy for free from the Windows Store.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff