Save big on ‘Troubles’ Land,’ ‘Quarto’ and more through latest Red Stripe Deals

Every week, the Red Stripe Deals gives you at least 50 percent off six games and apps for Windows 10.

In “Troubles’ Land” (99 cents, usually $2.99), you join seven heroes on their journey through a very dangerous world to save – or dominate – that land.



Quarto” ($1.49, usually $2.99) is a game for two players using a board that has 16 squares (4×4), and 16 different pieces that can be constructed combining four characteristics: size, color, shape and hole. The goal of the game is to complete with four pieces a line that has at least one common characteristic.

"Game of Clowns"

“Game of Clowns”

The circus is in town with “Game of Clowns” (99 cents, usually $1.99). Help some crazy clowns put on the greatest show on Earth. Set up a platform, place a trampoline, spray a clown with bubbles and put on a show across dozens of levels of physics-based puzzles.

Other titles on sale through Nov. 11:

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff