New Microsoft PhotoDNA Cloud Service offers a better, easier way to protect children and businesses

Imagine you’re a doctor struggling to figure out what’s ailing your patient, but you don’t have medical equipment, a lab or any of today’s modern diagnostic tests. Yet somehow, you must identify the problem among the nearly infinite possibilities and treat it before it does more damage.

Similarly, for social media and photo sharing companies, trying to stop the spread of online child sexual abuse photos is just as daunting until they have the right tools. About 720,000 of these illegal images are among the 1.8 billion pictures uploaded across the Internet each day, making it incredibly complicated for service providers to find and remove them — until now.

Microsoft’s PhotoDNA technology, a free service that helps identify and remove these photos, is now available in the cloud. It’s a major advance that gives companies like Flipboard – a popular social magazine that lets its tens of millions of monthly users share and curate content from the Web and social media — a powerful way to help protect users and young victims while helping make the Internet safer for everyone.

“The Flipboard community is built on the desire to inspire each other with the things we love. Our community needs to trust that we do everything possible to stop the spread of illegal content, especially images of child sexual abuse,” says David Creemer, Flipboard’s head of Platform Engineering. “Manually searching for a handful of illegal images among the millions uploaded and curated every day is simply an impossible task, so we looked for a solution and found it in Microsoft’s PhotoDNA. Together we built an effective service that scales and works great.”

PhotoDNA has already helped detect millions of illegal photos on the Internet. It’s been a breakthrough for more than 70 companies and organizations using it, such as Facebook and Twitter, but the on-premise version required time, money and technical expertise to get it up and running and keep it up-to-date.

The new PhotoDNA Cloud Service takes away those potential hurdles for smaller companies and other organizations that want to give users the freedom to upload content while ensuring the integrity of their platforms.

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Tracy Ith
Microsoft News Center Staff