Discover more about music with the new Shazam – App of the Week

 |   Vanessa Ho

The popular music app Shazam just got better, with a new version for Windows Phone users that makes exploring, buying and sharing music even easier and a lot more fun. You can now preview favorite Shazams with Xbox Music Playbox and add your favorite songs from Shazam’s Charts to the My Shazam section.

From your phone, the updated app can now recommend new songs for you based on your listening history, to help get you out of your music rut.

Of course, Shazam is still great for when you hear a song, want to identify it and learn the lyrics you thought you knew. All you do is tap a button when you hear something you like, and Shazam can recognize the name and singer, call up related music videos, and help you buy and share the song with friends.

Install Shazam for free from the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store.


Vanessa Ho
Microsoft News Center Staff

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