Partners: Accelerate your business by taking advantage of the rise in cloud services

Demand for cloud services is booming, says Diane Golshan on the US Partner Community blog; by 2017, customer demand for cloud and hybrid cloud services is expected to reach $108 billion.

Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure are “rapidly adding new customers, and the partner opportunities are significant,” Golshan writes.

Each month, Microsoft’s Partner Technology Strategists focus on a topic for the Office 365 Partner and Azure Partner communities, and share information about that topic through blog posts, community calls, Yammer and newsletters. You can go to the Microsoft US Partner YouTube channel to see previous calls on demand, Golshan says.

Brent Combest, Microsoft Partner Profitability & Compete director, writes in a separate blog post that it is clear that conversation around finding success with the cloud has “shifted away from ‘why’ toward the ‘how’ – as in how to fully capitalize on this unique opportunity.”

To help answer the “how,” he says, the fourth version of Microsoft Cloud SureStep has been launched. “Based on feedback from partners, we revamped the Cloud SureStep 1-2-3 framework, enabling partners to select an online services product,” such as Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and, “from there, hone in on the role or the function that they are responsible for.”

To learn more, head over to the US Partner Community blog, and to the Microsoft Partner Network site.

Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff

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