Indie Game Spotlight offers zombie fun, drum rhythms

Feb 3, 2015   |   Vanessa Ho

Fight zombies, flip burgers and bang on some drums in the latest games from independent developers highlighted in Microsoft’s Indie Game Spotlight.

Dead Route” for Windows Phone tests your ability to survive zombie chaos, rendered in impressive 3D graphics. “Strung Along” looks like a game just for kids, until you try to control its wobbly string puppet. It has beautiful visuals and is available for Windows and Windows Phone.

Feed’em Burger,” also for Windows Phone, tests your mettle with fun challenges to serve as many burgers as you can. “Rhythmic Village,” for Windows, teaches you how to play percussion, and “Kaboom Monsters,” also for Windows, lets you do battle in the magical land of Apathia.

For more fun and information, check out the Indie Game Spotlight in the Windows Phone store.

Vanessa Ho
Microsoft News Center Staff

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