10 ways to modernize your business, as recommended by Forbes Insights

To achieve the full benefits of mobile, cloud, data analytics and social media, a company’s own “mission-critical systems need to be agile and open enough to enable these new ways of doing business,” writes Joe McKendrick, contributor to Forbes Insights, in a piece shared on the Microsoft SMB Blog.

He suggests 10 ways companies can modernize their businesses. First, “Webify and cloudify existing assets,” McKendrick says. “If you need to maintain older core applications and systems, they can quickly be made accessible with today’s Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service solutions. Important parts of applications could be abstracted and run on a Web-friendly service layer, while still accessing data from the original system.”

Second, he encourages businesses to “embrace cloud, both internally and externally,” saying there are cost benefits that a small or midsize business “will see almost immediately – such as the ability to access functionality at a low, by-the-month fee, versus making large upfront capital investments.”

To read McKendrick’s post, head over to the Microsoft SMB Blog

Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff

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