Cities worldwide are doing more with less using the Internet of Things

The Smart City Expo World Congress, now underway in Barcelona, offers a great showcase of cities that are “using technology to create job growth, build economic sustainability and improve their citizens’ quality of life,” says Rob Bernard, chief environmental and cities strategist for Microsoft.

“All over the world, instead of trying to do more with less, cities are finding ways to do new with less, using Microsoft technologies and principles behind the Internet of Things (IoT),” Bernard writes in a blog post. “Inspiring examples are popping up from Auckland to the U.S. Virgin Islands — amazing work that cities are undertaking to transform all of their critical functional areas.”

Since Microsoft launched its CityNext initiative last year, there has been “amazing momentum in the smart cities industry,” Bernard says. The city of New Orleans, for example, has built an intelligent system to power its 9-1-1 response organization. In London’s Underground railway system, everything from escalators to HVAC systems and closed-circuit TV cameras, is now connected through an intelligent system powered by Microsoft’s cloud-first data platform.The city of Helsinki, Finland’s bus system, HelB, expanded its data warehouse solution to collect and analyze data from bus sensors, which reduced fuel consumption and improved driver performance.

To read Bernard’s post, head over to the Internet of Things blog.

Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff

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