Marketers: Take advantage of winter travel with tips from Bing Ads research

Whether travelers are searching for the perfect powdery slopes, or for sun-kissed white-sand beaches, more than half are using a search engine to plan their upcoming winter travel.

The Bing Ads Blog has published a winter travel presentation that shows trends, insights and best-performing ad copy to help ads make the most of this bountiful planning season.

According to eMarketer, 128 million people, or 63 percent of Internet users, will research travel online on their computer or through their mobile device this year. Of those, 83 percent, or 106 million people, will actually book travel. Fifty-one percent of travelers book their winter vacations more than 31 days in advance, which presents an opportunity to capture searchers with the right ad copy.

The researchers at Bing Ads recently looked into the best word combinations for pay-per-click (PPC) ad copy in the high winter travel season and found mobile searchers are looking for last-minute deals and discounts. As the blog post explains, “Car rentals are very specific to location and ads with the name of a city in the title instead of in the description get more clicks. For both PC/tablet and mobile, ‘Discounts/deals’ in the ad title and ‘Exclusive’ in the description make an ad highly clickable.”

Read the rest of the post on the Bing Ads Blog to find more insights on winter travel ads.

Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff

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