Advertising Week 2014’s stories include Microsoft’s Garage

At Advertising Week 2014, you’ll hear from customers who share their experiences, such as a keynote from former NFL star, Steve Gleason. He’ll talk about his partnership with Microsoft and the Ability Eye Gaze team led by Jenny Lay-Flurrie. It’s a story that can help marketers think more broadly about the potential of technology and the resolve of the human spirit.

Besides more than 10 speaking sessions, there will be an all-new hands-on space in Times Center: “The Garage.” There, attendees can check out Ability Eye Gaze, which uses Surface 3, Kinect and other Microsoft technologies to enable people confined to a wheelchair to be independent. People will be able to interact by logging into their Twitter account and tweeting with their eyes, or catch a demonstration of driving a robot using only their eyes.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff

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