Hear ye, hear ye! Listen to articles using Share to Speech app for Windows Phone, PCs and tablets

I like to begin each morning by scanning the day’s big stories, but since it is so early and my brain is still waking up, sometimes I’d like those articles to be read to me to ease me into the day. Luckily, the Share to Speech app turns articles into speech or MP3 files by sharing a Web page or pasting its link. It can also convert Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents, along with many other text files, into the spoken word.

Share to Speech can also help people with visual impairments and disability.

You can listen later, too, by saving your MP3 files. Add items to the Now Speaking list to create a kind of playlist in your computer’s background, and check out that list at a glance in Snap view. Also use this app with your Windows Phone device to continue reading articles. Once an article is downloaded, it’ll be available without a data connection.

When you install Share to Speech from the Windows Store ($4.99), it also comes with the version for Windows Phone.

Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff

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