Latest Indie Game Spotlight includes ‘Skelly Rider’ and ‘Manuganu 2’

Manuganu 2
Manuganu 2

Every month, the Indie Game Spotlight shines on independent developers who come up with more ways to entertain on Windows Phone, PCs and tablets. The latest group of favorites includes a spooky endless runner, the continuing adventures of Manuganu and an old-school arcade-style casual game focused on woodsy chopping skills.

Skelly Rider” takes you on a wild, never-ending horseback ride away from a very big T-Rex, while “Manuganu 2” adds flying and swimming to a platformer set on rescuing his best friend. With “Timberman by Digital Melody” towering trees must come down, but the chopper has to avoid the branches on the way down to succeed.

Check out the Indie Game Spotlight in the Windows Phone Store for these games and more than 30 others.

Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff

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